Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Frozen treats!

I feel so domestic right now, y'all, it's not even funny! I saw a picture on Pinterest of some 'frozen yogurt drops' and really didn't think much more of them. 

Fast forward a year and this is what I have on my hands at least once a day
Yeah. Cute, but not fun to clean up every. single. day. 

So, I decided that I could replicate the picture I saw on Pinterest easy enough without going back to find it. I was willing to take the chance that it may be a total Pinterest fail. 

First get your stuff. Yogurt, wax paper or foil, and Baggie or fancy frosting bag. 

Since I did this all in the five seconds I had before I knew Charlotte would wake up and while Hunter was munching on blueberries after our walk, I just slapped down some foil on a paper plate. 

Then I messily spooned in some of our fave Greek yogurt into the bag and cut off the tip.

Then I went to town squirting little droplets all over the plate. 
 Most weren't very pretty, but I figured Hunter wouldn't care! I found the tiniest place in our embarrassingly messy freezer and hoped for the best! Since Hunter saw me make them he didn't let then freeze for more than about seven minutes, but they were pretty frozen! 
  Rather than have him traipse around the house possibly dropping frozen yogurt drops just waiting to secretly melt in an in opportune place, I opted to give him the 'tray'. All I can say is.... New favorite snack!

Later in the day he actually walked me over to the freezer and requested more. Love that my son prefers healthy snacks!

  My only recommendation is that you give you child just enough to tide them over and then refill their tray if necessary. Otherwise, they melt too fast! I really want to try to put yogurt and fruit in the mixer and then make fruity yogurt drops. Then maybe mom can share! (Right now I only like the Greek yogurt if the fruit is mixed in!)

Proof that they are NOT a Pinterest fail, he's asking for more!

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