Monday, January 30, 2012

23 Weeks

I kind of like being a little bit behind on these weekly updates, because that reminds me just how fast the time is flying. Luckily, I work, and this makes my weeks zoom by! I have decided that I am going to work for as long as possible before giving birth, if I just sat at home all day waiting for labor to start then I would drive myself crazy! This is or course as long as I can healthily do so! I have a feeling that this little guy will be more than comfortable in there, just call it a hunch!

I am 23 weeks, and feeling great! The only negative things that I have to write about is that I am having some terrible heartburn. The only thing that kind of gets me excited about that is the Old Wive's Tale that having lots of heartburn means lots of hair on your little one's head. I would love to get a peek at what color of hair he will have! Also, I cannot say that this is truly pregnancy related because I have been getting heartburn since junior high school, AND I am about 99% sure that I suffered some major acid reflux as an infant. Apparently I cried nonstop and spit up SUPER often. I like hearing stories about how when I would get pictures taken they would have to basically cover me up in between photos so that I wouldn't ruin my clothes in between! 

The only other thing that has really only happened once, but it was last night so it is fresh in my mind. I had some super pregnancy insomnia, and I hated it. I had to leave work early because I was basically a zombie. My eyes were all puffy and burning and trying so hard to close just for a minute. I have had some nights where I get up to use the bathroom and then can't fall asleep for an hour or two, but I couldn't even fall asleep until past 2:00! Then, I woke up around 4, fell asleep about 5, alarm went off at 6, accidentally turned it off, woke with a startle with hubby's alarm, had 10 minutes to get ready, and showed up just in time to tutor a student. Good morning? Yeah, right.

Ok, enough negatives! I really have been feeling great! Tim and I were just joking about how if I am sick as a dog for our next one we'll know for sure what we are having, haha! 

Hunter has been super active, although there was a day or two when I didn't feel him moving much, but I checked the heartbeat with the doppler and all was good. Early on, we could visibly see that he liked to squish into either one side or another, but for the past week or so, I am seeing that pattern again. Check this out from tonight:

Baby on the right side
I felt some wiggles and about 30 minutes later....
Baby on the left side
Seriously, should I buy a leash right now? You now this kid is going to need one!   

He is also super low. Like, he kicks so low that I am going to make a special note to ask the doctor about it. Privately low, if you get my drift. You can also tell this in my bump, too. It is all below the belly button! Maybe this means I won't get that outtie? 

I weighed myself this morning and have gained 6 pounds. Not too shabby! I will weigh myself every Monday morning when I turn the next week and get an accurate weight on myself... same scale, same time of day, etc. 

I think that's about it, I am exhausted! Going to do some laundry, and then go to bed early!

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