Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! 2012, Are You Ready?

I am beyond excited for 2012 to get under way! We have a one BIG exciting change that will be coming, but who knows what surprises will also be in store this year?

On New Year's Eve Tim and I got all dressed up and went to one of our favorite fancy restaurants, Rainbow Lodge. It is a rustic log cabin-y type restaurant that has lots of different wild game (and also a chicken dish for me, lol!), Tim usually tries something new and exciting when we go, but last night he kept it simple with a rib eye and duck gumbo. They had a limited menu for New Year's Eve, and I am really glad that I took a look at it online before we went! There was NO chicken! I called the restaurant ahead of time, and told them that I am pregnant and the only meat I can really handle is chicken. They had no problem cooking it for me, and I was so thankful! Here we are at the end of dinner:

I brought our huge DSLR camera, but when we went to take pictures there was no room! I had to delete a couple of random pictures, but then the valet showed up with the car. I was kind of bummed that I lugged around the camera all night and only got two pictures!

Here is Kristin and Jason:

After dinner we went home to change into something a little more comfortable and then decide the rest of the evening. We knew that it would be a little bit up in the air because I didn't know what I would be up for. Kristin set to work looking for non smoking places that we could go to, and I hemmed and hawed whether I would go or not. I felt bad, but I didn't want to get 'out' somewhere and feel so tired and/or sick! She found the Texas Repertory Theater which said that they had a special show for New Year's Eve, it said it was a "Vegas Style Show mixed with Illusion and Dancing with the Stars"... Hmmmm, whatever did that mean?

We soon found out! After paying $45 per person to get in, we found ourselves watching 4 Vegas-style show girls, one lady who sang broadway songs, and a magician couple who salsa'd while they played illusionary tricks with our minds. 

Here are the 'Illusionists":

They were actually pretty good! A couple of the tricks we think we could figure out, but he did saw her in half and we are still confused on that one! They also did a dance where he tied her all up, then pulled a man from the audience, and they went into a curtain thing for literally 20 seconds, and in that time, she took off the old man's jacket, and put it on, AND tied herself back up. We were a little perplexed on that one, too. Whether or not the old man was in on it, I don't see how she had time! And, the magician kept moving the curtain up and down and you could see the man's face the whole time, so it's not like they were back there working together all that much. I am just amazed at how fast she could do it!

After that, we went back home, sat in the driveway and watched a free fireworks show courtesy of about 10 of our neighbors brave enough to break the 'No Firework" rule. I managed to stay up until midnight, although I am not quite sure how! Here we are at midnight:

Here we are at home. I had to get my annual New Year's Eve kiss husband on the cheek New Year's kiss. 

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