Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fast Food Guilt

Yesterday, I ate Sonic. I had a Junior burger and a small tator tots. The rest of the day I felt bad. Not sick, just bad that I made Hunter eat greasy fried food. I heard a quickie news article about why french fries are basically the worst food you can eat. The potato is one of the few foods that just soaks up the grease like a sponge making it one of the worst foods for your heart. Tator tots are basically the same thing.

Seriously, for the rest of the day I felt guilty! This is the first bit of fast food that I have really eaten, mostly because just the smell of the greasiness wafting through my car while driving past the parking lot usually sends me home gagging.

Is this normal? Is this the first of many bits of 'mommy guilt', that I didn't make the best possible choice?

Last but not least..... is fast food all that bad for a 21 week old fetus?

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  1. I am living proof that it is not! My mom ate anything and everything while pregnant with me...and apparently I am following in her footsteps! haha Trust me, you are fine! If there was concern about it then your doctor would have told you to refrain from it!