Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fun Week-End

These don't happen often, I have to admit. Usually I am a "Fishing Widow" or "Hunting Widow", but this week-end, I was lucky that Tim stayed in town. I don't mind being at home on the week-end, I really don't. I spend time with my parents or girlfriends, and get to catch up on the housework that has no doubt slipped behind during the week. It's that gosh darn dishwasher. I don't mind filling it up, but hate to unload it.... so I put it off, and by the time I unload it, I can basically fill it all the way back up with what has piled up in the sink. Too bad I didn't train husband early on in the marriage. He can't figure out how to load it anyways. Go figure, he can puzzle piece luggage into a car so that everything fits perfectly, but ask him to load the washer and I get two plates basically strewn across the bottom and two spatulas on top...... and a sink still full of dishes that "didn't fit". Yes, dear......

Oops, let me get back to THIS week-end. 

Friday started the week-end off, the school had a delayed Christmas/New Year's party for staff members, and while all day I was thinking, "Ugh, why did I sign up to go? I would so rather get in my pj's and relax at home"... I decided to go anyway. It started at 6, and told Tim I would probably just make an appearance, and leave by about 7. He told me to stay how ever long I wanted, but I really didn't think I would. I ended up leaving at 9:00! We played LRC, which is a super fun, and super exciting depending on the group that you are playing with. Everyone has 3 one dollar bills in front of them, and you sit in a big circle. We sat around the pool table. There are 3 dice, each marked with an 'L', and 'R', a 'C', and the rest of the sides are dots. If you roll and 'L' you move the the left, 'R' to the right, 'C' goes to the center pile, and if you get a dot then you get to keep the money. You roll three because you start with three dollars, and each dice represents a dollar. The person with the last dollar wins the center pile. I am telling you, SUPER fun! Also, you can basically be out for the whole game, and then at the last minute get a dollar passed to you and still win! Here is the best picture I could get on my phone of us read to start:

After this, was the "As Seen on TV GIft Exchange", which I didn't participate in because I honesty thought that I would have snuck out by then! This was hilarious to watch, and I definitely want to host one of these things near Christmas time! There were some Bump-Its, a Shake Weight, a singing Justin Beiber toothbrush, the perfect meatloaf pan, the easy foot scrubber, and many more. This is why I stayed the last hour! It was also done where you could 'steal' gifts, and that Shake Weight sure was popular! 

After I finally made it home, Tim surprised me by suggesting we rent a movie from Comcast. Snuggle time on the couch with husband even though it is 9:30? Yes, please! We rented Courageous, and it is an amazing movie! It is made by the same people as Fireproof, which is about a couple whose marriage is struggling. They are actually made by a church in Georgia, are very low budget, not the best acting, but the message is so powerful. Courageous is about parenthood, but more specifically, fatherhood, and I was so glad when Tim suggested it. While I did my fair share of crying, we also did our fair share of laughing. This made for a past midnight bedtime for me, but I was able to sleep in the next morning, so I consider it an overall score!

Saturday, I met some girlfriends for lunch at a local sandwich shop, and we had fun catching up on life, students, and gossip. Did I take a picture? Of course not. I don't know what my problem is! I had been so good at snapping pictures everywhere, but now I'm lucky to get ONE taken on Christmas! This will no doubt change when Hunter comes into our lives! After this, Tim and I had planned on going to register at Babies R Us, but on the way there I got an Allen wrench in my tire and was losing air fast. Like, I pulled over and when the door opened you could hear the air whizzing out. Luckily, there was a tire repair shop across the street, so we got it patched up. By the time we left, there was only about an hour and half before we had to meet Kristin and Jason to eat dinner (Tim and Jason were smoking a brisquit). We settled on going Sunday, but ended up having enough time to do it after dinner. We actually had a lot of fun, and it was just another step in the, "Oh my goodness, this is really happening" ladder. Choosing items that will sit in the living room for the next couple of years with a baby in them is really fun stuff!

Sunday, we met my parents at a local Mexican restaurant for lunch. We just had one built out here, and while we were hoping for a Pappasito's, this is probably the next best thing. I mentioned while my mom was in the restroom changing Isabella that I would be going out to the outlet mall to use up a coupon that I had at Carter's. He said that my mom would probably like to go, and offered to take the baby home while we shopped. We ended up having a blast, and shopped for a couple of hours! Hunter got some really cute clothes, and I was even able to find some shirts that will double as maternity shirts and transition me back to being a plain-clothes mommy. I came home and did a little fashion show on my belly in the drive way because I was so excited about some of the clothes I bought. I even found a swim shirt with a marlin on it. Seriously? Could it get any better knowing my husband? I guess if it was a swordfish, haha! Luckily, nautical items are totally 'in' at the Gyboree by the house!

And there you have it, a fun filled, family week-end!

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