Sunday, January 8, 2012


Ok, so it wasn't exactly a 'dog fight', but I will say this much.... there was about 500 pounds of extra dog in my yard, broken fence boards, and Tex has a nasty bite. 

I came home from work and took care of the dogs as usual, which means I fed Bailey in the backyard, and let Tex and Sophie out in the front yard. Then we come in and Tex eats his dinner. After that, he has to drink water and go potty again but he can go in the back yard because Bailey is already finished eating. I hear both Bailey and Tex barking, which is not totally uncommon, but something about this time was definitely different. I open the door to let Tex in, mostly because I don't want to bother the neighbors with the barking, I know how annoying that can be! Bailey bade a beeline for the door, darted in, and straight to her kennel. While this is not totally out of the norm, she was all 'puffed' up. You know how dogs make the hair on their back stand up when they feel threatened or are trying to threaten somebody else? She was WAY puffed up! 

Tex wasn't coming to me at the back door, even though usually he comes as soon as he hears it open. I called and called his name, but no Texas. I walked around to the side of the house and that is when I saw it. Two fence boards down, a huge mastiff halfway through to our yard, and Tex looking like he was ready to pounce. Of course, I ran back to the door and began calling him to come to me super frantically, but he was not going to budge. I am totally scared to go back out there because I figure Tex would become protective of me and that would really escalate the situation, and while I am pregnant and did not want to get in the middle of it, I would have stayed away even if I wasn't pregnant. There are THREE mastiffs on the other side of that fence! I take another peek around the corner, and see that the mastiff is still only halfway through the fence, which makes me come to the conclusion that he was stuck in the fence. I go inside to call Tim to let him, know what is going on (I am basically hyperventilating at this time, in total panic mode), and I was hoping he could tell me what to do. 

I make the decision to walk over to the neighbor's house, to see if he can help or is even home, but take one more peek outside. I see Tex in the middle of the yard, looking like he weighs 50 more pounds than he really does (because he was standing so tall and dominant looking), and one of the mastiffs running around the yard. His owner finally saw what was going on and called his dogs over (I now am under the strong impression that one of their names is 'Killer'....), and Tex would finally come inside. 

I take a look over his body, and wipe off all of the mastiff slobber. While doing this, I notice a bite mark on his hip. The top part was more or less just a scrape, and the bottom part looked like a little bit deeper scrape with the smallest amount of blood trickling out. I clean it up, and think, "Whew! We got off easy!"....

Later in the evening, Tex is laying on the floor, but not in the usual relaxed laying position, he is more crouching like a lion or tiger. Laying like this showed me how bad the cut really was. The way he was laying pulled the cut open. It is about an inch to an inch and a half long, and about a quarter to a half inch deep. Now that he stretched it open, even when he stands up it remains open. It really resembles more of a hole than anything because you can see so deep inside. We have been cleaning it with peroxide and slathering on neosporin, but it seems best to leave it alone because when we mess with it, he licks it. 
You can see the top part of the bite at the top of this picture. Not
too bad...

This is 5 days of healing time, lots of peroxide and neosporin.

He very much could have benefitted from stitches, but before he laid down and stretched it open it was pretty sealed up. The top part of the bite is visible in the top image, and it really is nothing.... so I thought the bottom scrape was the same. 

That is basically the end of it, it has been about 5 days, and it is starting to heal, but there will definitely be a scar on him now. Poor baby. 

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  1. OMG I hope you went and beat the crap out of your neighbor?! My dog had the same type of cut from a huge sheep dog and I made the lady give me her name & number in case I needed to take Mar's in. She was going to be paying for it. That neighbor better fix your fence for sure!

    Hope Tex is ok!