Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

This year I turned 27. Twenty-seven. Oh my goodness! I feel so close to 30!

As with Christmas, I was kind of ready to keep my birthday super low key. I am ready for the weeks to keep ticking along! Tim and I combined families and we all ate Pappasito's.... this has become my birthday tradition. Luckily, I was spared having to wear the oversized sombrero and the shouting/singing waitstaff!

Since we decided to keep it low key this year, Tim just got me a cookie cake (I got a little spoiled with my cake last year!), and it actually turned out to be kind of funny. He ordered it online and since he couldn't see the sizes in person, it turned out to be a huge cake! He also chose a cake with a 'horse and horseshoes' on it, but when he picked it up it was a cartoony horse and colorful flowers all around. I was taking a nap when he came home with it, and when I asked to see it, he said, "No, it looks like a 5 year old's cake". I continued on with my nap, but when I went to look at it I did have to laugh a little. He was right, it looked like a child's cake! That's ok, they all taste the same! It also probably looked a little funny because it was seriously huge! We had 12 people eat off of it, and only ate one quarter of the whole cake!

Poor Tim, he was nervous about everyone seeing the cake!

Dinner was delicious, but seriously, when does Pappasito's ever let me down? Next came presents, and I was super curious to see what I would get only because I hadn't asked for anything this year. My mother in law and her husband gave me a nice gift card to go towards baby furniture, which was a surprise since we got so spoiled with baby furniture gift cards for Christmas! My two sister-in-laws also gave me gift cards to go shopping and get my nails done. My parents totally surprised me with my baby bedding and more shopping money! Maybe now I will finally bite the bullet and go on a maternity shopping spree!
I am in love with our bedding! I have been obsessed with owls for a
couple of years now, and when I found this, I knew it would be perfect!

Now I just wish that I had some furniture so that I could set it up!

I forgot to mention one of the best surprises of my birthday! Some of my students surprised me with a ton of balloons and gifts when they came in! Every year, my class dynamic changes, but I always get those few students that I will remember forever.... and these twins are some of them! Here is a picture of what I can post, but it was sad smudging out their adorable faces!

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