Friday, December 2, 2011

13 weeks!

At 13 weeks, the Monday before Thanksgiving, Tim and I had another appointment. This one was for out NT scan, which tests for Downs Syndrome and a few other disorders. Of course, I was totally positive, thinking our risk must be really low, and the day of, all I can think of is, OMG- they are going to see a huge nuchal fold!

Baby Thompson actually had a very small nuchal fold, only 1.1 mm. They consider up to 2.5 healthy and anything over that is when risks go up. I also got brave and asked the ultrasound tech if she would take a peek at the gender. She did, and she thought she saw..... a girl! I was overjoyed and Tim was in a little bit of denial. He would be so happy with a little girl, but he has made all of these mental plans for a little boy! Of course, we still have not purchased anything for either gender because we are trying to be realistic and know that 13 weeks is super early for a gender guess!

I acted like a big baby for the finger prick which is the second part of the NT scan, but luckily Tim was there to hold my hand!

We were so thrilled to see our baby bouncing around, kicking and punching in his or her little sac! The heartbeat was a strong 167 bpm. Tim took a video on his phone, but when it gets enlarged the image is a tad distorted! Now I am always stealing his phone to watch our baby. I am in love. I LOVE my little growing family!

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