Monday, December 26, 2011

Thankful this Christmas

This Christmas has been good to us. We have amazing families who we love very much.

I actually wrote out a long post about what we asked for for Christmas and why. What we got for Christmas. How much I love family time. Etc, etc. etc. Then I deleted it. I don't like writing about specific things that we received, but I do want plan to print out this blog into a memory book after the baby is born, and I want this Christmas to be documented.

Tim, Hunter, and myself are so loved and blessed it's not even funny. Both of his grand-ma's had presents for him snuggled under their trees. My parents, Tim's mom, and Tim's dad made the trek out to Baby's First Furniture to get us (very generous) gift cards for the nursery furniture. On top of that, they spoiled us beyond belief.

I am so excited to tell Hunter that his bedroom is a gift from the whole family.

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