Friday, December 2, 2011

It's supposed to look like that, right?

We had to wait until we were 7 weeks until the doctor would see us for an appointment. It was so hard to wait that long, but we were so excited!

Being the great husband that he is, Tim came and even though he was painfully uncomfortable during the pap smear/internal exam, he made it through. I got the great news that we didn't need to get blood work done, and the even better news that we could get in to have an ultrasound!

I had a friend who had a blighted ovum, so when she pulled up what looked like an empty black circle, I freaked. Then she said, "You have what looks to be a B..." and I almost flipped out. In my mind I heard blighted ovum. In reality, she said 'Bicornuate Uterus'... meaning there are two parts. The best way to visualize it is a heart shaped uterus.

Then she showed us the baby! Just a blurry little blob with a heart flickering away! We heard the heartbeat (121 bpm), and I think that was THE moment that Tim got excited, and knew this was for real. Like, for real, for real.

Here is our 7 week blob of Thompson love:

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