Sunday, December 18, 2011

And the color of the day was......?

BLUE!! I was still in shock for a few days after the gender scan, but I am so excited for our new baby boy!

Here is how it all went down:

We had an appointment set for Monday, December 12 for the gender scan because that was the day that I turned 16 weeks. We also had to go see the doctor about the bleeding that I had 10 days prior.

Tim and I had talked the night before about how we would react. I really wanted a girl, and Tim really wanted a boy, but we also just wanted a healthy baby. So it became more of a game than anything else. It turned into, "Who is right?" We decided that if I was right and it was a girl, he could say, "OH MY GOSH!", exactly one time, and vice versa if it was a boy. We were pretty much joking, but the overall consensus was that it was ok to be surprised/shocked.... but then happy!

Well, I am laying on the table and she was measuring the cervix and getting her bearings. Tim was looking at me, and I see her scan across what was obviously two wide spread legs and a, well, a pee-pee. Boy parts. There is a little boy growing inside my belly. I wasn't thinking, I was just so honestly shocked, that I literally shouted, "Oh my gosh!!!! Was that the gender?!?!"

Tim said, "Oh no, did I miss it already?!" She went back and he was smiling bigger than I have ever seen before. He went to rub my shoulder as I am still saying, "I cannot believe it!" over and over again.

Let's get one thing straight. I am/was not disappointed. At the 13 week NT scan, the ultrasound tech took a peek (at my request) and saw two things. One: the dangle was clearly pointing straight down. According the the internet, that means girl. a boy would be pointing more up. Both genders have basically the same thing at that point in the pregnancy. Two: she looked in between the legs and saw what looked to be hamburger buns. It really did. She saw it. I saw it. We all saw it.

Since then, I still never called the baby a 'she' or 'Harper', or purchased any of the adorable little girl things. I wasn't convinced, and hey, I'm realistic.... 13 weeks is way early. But nonetheless, in my head the wheels were turning. When I would look up nursery ideas, they would mostly be girl. So when I found out we were definitely having a little boy, I had to switch gears. It may have taken me few days, but I am now totally on the 'Boy Nursery' wagon! Watch out debit card, don't get too comfy in my wallet!!

I had originally wanted to do a gender reveal party, but I got so excited after the 13 week gender guess, that I told everybody anyways. Then we were thinking that if we did the gender reveal party and it was a girl, everybody would say, "We already knew that anyways". Tim was never 100% on board with the party. He doesn't like a big fuss, and he hates when he gets too much attention. He is hoping the baby is born on his birthday so that his is forgotten altogether! In the waiting room afterwards, he was actually on his phone googling bakeries to see who could get gender reveal cake balls made quick enough! But by then, we already had friends and family anxiously texting and calling, we couldn't make them wait any longer! It is a must do for our next pregnancy, that is for sure!

I wish that I could have recorded my mom's reaction. She must have asked if I was joking about 10 times, and then she finally said in her I-am-super-serious tone, "Jenny. Are. You. Serious? No joking, is it really a boy?" It was hard to keep from giggling, which probably extended the persuasion, but she finally believed me. She was elated! The first little baby boy in a long time! Everybody else was just so happy, too!

Now that I know the gender for sure, I am going to look at all of the old wives tales to see how many were correct!

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