Friday, December 2, 2011

First big SCARE....

I woke up this morning and started my morning as usual. I turned on the shower to warm up and went to use the bathroom. I found lots of bright red blood. I kept wiping and it kept coming. I woke up Tim, and told him what was happened and that something was wrong. I cried in the shower and prayed harder than I ever have before. I checked again after the shower and was still bleeding so I started googling. Not a great idea.

I called the on call doctor and she said that I could either go into the ER or wait until 8:30, and they would see me there. I decided to head to school to get my classroom ready for a sub, and headed to the doctor to be there at 8:30. Luckily, I have some of the best team members in the world, who listened to me cry, prayed for me and the baby, and helped get my classroom ready for the day.

Tim met me over there and we waited for the ultrasound. We were both so relieved to see that our little baby has grown even more, has longer arms and legs now, and was very active! The doctor also took a look at me, and luckily the bleeding had stopped by then. It is so hard to relax and be happy after you are so worked up! I was very tired from worry and crying, and was happy to hear the doctor say that I should rest.

I do NOT want another scare like this, and I will pray every minute for the health and safety of our baby!

So this post doesn't end on a somber note, we did have a few positives! We got an extra ultrasound, yay! When I went to pay, I was expecting a $100 bill for the ultrasound, but we already met the deductible because of the crazy pay for delivery in advance at my doc's office, so I was ELATED when I only had to pay $19. I am going to beg for one very time!

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