Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Baby Buys: Number One

I am so excited to start purchasing some items for our baby boy! One of the many perks to being a teacher is the appreciation that you get. During Christmastime, teachers usually a few gifts, and this year my parents went above and beyond! One made an amazing homemade craft kit with a picture of me with her twins, some made baked goods, and a lot bought gift cards for me (mostly for Target!), so when I happened to have just the right amount of gift cards for an adorable Pack-and-Play, I thought, "What the heck, let's start this thing!"

Today I purchased the Pack-and-Play that I have had my eye on for a while. It is by Graco and in the print Meadow Menagerie. It is boy-ish, not too gender neutral, but not baseball batty or anything. I usually don't go gender neutral, and that wasn't my goal here, but this is definitely cute enough to go with a girl. Let's put it his way though, if we were having a girl, this would NOT be the one that I would choose!

Tim doesn't want to set it up until we paint the nursery, but here is a picture of the print and the set up:

Cute, right? I am going to end up registering for the matching travel system (stroller, car seat, and base). There is also a diaper bag! I tried to buy it today, but it was gone :( I went to the store a few days ago when I originally saw it, but today it was sold out! I hope it isn't too much of a hot item! 

I have also been going a little crazy purchasing baby clothes for our little man. Actually, those are the clothes that I like the best, little man clothes! Here, let me show you:

This came from Baby Gap 
Another Baby Gap 
Love these onesies with jeans! 
A also found some adorable track suits from TJMaxx! The grey and green
one also has sock that match!
 The last thing is something that I am so excited about! It could go anywhere in the house, really, but I thought of it specifically for the nursery. It is going to be used as a window cornice box above his window, and then I will also hang drapes. Here is a picture from the website:

The wood is a little lighter than the wood for the nursery furniture that we chose, but the iron accents will bring in the dark element so that it will kind of match. I don't want his whole room to be dark-ish!

There are a ton more baby clothes, but I can't take a picture of all of them, that is for sure. Let's just say, his closet is getting filled!

Tomorrow, I am going fabric shopping with Jamie. I am not sure if I want to take on the task of making my own nursery bedding yet, but I do want to make a rag quilt for the bedroom, and to go on the toddler bed in a couple of years. Plus, I think it would be very special to have something made with love by mommy.

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