Friday, December 23, 2011

Project Nursery: Day 2

Tim and I had already discussed what color the room was going to be the baby was a boy, so when we found out, we were both ready to go! We are using Thistle Blue by Martha Stuart. We LOVE this color, and get so many compliments on it! It is what we have in our master bedroom. I actually love pretty much all Martha Stuart paints, and I used a different color in my 'craft room' (would be girl's room if thats what we were having). I went to one Home Depot, and they said they were out of Martha Stuart flat paint, but didn't bother to tell me why. I just left because if we were going to need to touch up our master bedroom, I wanted to formulas to match the best that they could. I went to another Home Depot the next day, and they told me that I was getting the last 2 out of 3 cans that they had left, and he explained that they are getting rid of Martha Stuart paint. I love the colors, though! He said they will still have the colors, but mix them with Behr paints. People love the colors, but don't want to pay almost $30 per gallon. He said they were on sale, and he thought they were $17 per gallon, which is fine, but when I got to the register they were only $12 per gallon! Score!

We wanted to paint it over the Christmas holiday, so that it would be done. I have off work, but since I can't help paint, that does no good! Instead, while Tim was painting last night, I went through all of my unused/leftover craft items. I am really bad about starting a project and not finishing, so I had this huge gathering of Hobby Lobby bags. Each one contained bits and pieces of projects past. I was able to get a bag together of things to donate, while still keeping what I thought I could use.
Here is what I worked on..... In then end I used about 20 gallon sized ziplocks, each
sorted and labeled! Then I went through and picked out what I knew I wouldn't use
again.... and then through a second time, and picked out what though I probably
wouldn't use again! This will all get donated to my dad's store!

Tim worked on painting, but sadly..... didn't finish. I woke up this morning to see that the majority of the walls are done, basically what you can do with a roller. He started the trim work, but his paintbrush was a little messed up so it made it difficult. I will buy another brush ASAP and hope he gets back to work at the same pace, lol! Not that I am upset that it's not finished, but its kind of annoying walking into a room and seeing SOME paint, but obviously not finished paint!

Here is a picture of Project Nursery: Day 2

Starting to paint! The color is Thistle Blue by Martha Stuart. They are discontinuing
Martha Stuart paint, so I go this at 12 bucks a gallon! We've had this color picked
for months!

In the meantime, Tex wanted to be in BOTH of our rooms, so we moved this tiny rubbermaid bucket to block him in. The great things about Great Danes is that they don't usually like to test 'natural barriers', so he never thought about jumping, or for that matter.... walking, over the bucket. He just felt defeated and slept on the other side of it!

This little blockade was enough to keep him out!

Hopefully I can report a fully painted room very soon! After the paint comes crown moulding!

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